The return of Aeroplastics

We know Jerome Jacobs as the driving force behind the pop-up gallery "Aeroplastics". A few years ago, he already revived an abandoned Jesuit monastery on Rue Washington in Ixelles a with his location project "Aeroplastics@Washington186". A while back, we contacted him again because we thought he would be a good match for a new building that had been entrusted to our management.

A car dealership…

We propose him an old car dealership in Uccle, situated in a unique building that combines a showroom with an industrial warehouse, where the roof with large glass panes provides a lot of natural light. The metal trusses of the roof immediately give the space an extra touch of character. Moreover, for the project Jerome wants to realise, the building has a very favourable location between 'Altitude 100', Uccle and Ixelles. The right location for Jerome's project, we thought. A property visit later, he agreed with us.

…becomes art gallery.

After a long life as a car dealership, the space could use some attention and a fresh lick of paint. But the result is worth seeing! Jerome's art gallery "Aeroplastics@207VDK" now occupies a good 1.000m². To mark the opening of the new space, the gallery is presenting a large group exhibition entitled "Come What May". More than thirty artists will participate and exhibit their paintings, sculptures, videos, drawings, photographs and installations.


Discover the art gallery


A space for your project?

Besides the "Aeroplastics" gallery, there is still approximately 2.500m² of space available at this location. Are you feeling inspired seeing these images? And would you like to become Jeromes new neighbour? Then get in touch! We would love to hear about your plans!