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The basic principle: reuse

Reuse is part of our core business. By giving existing buildings a second life with temporary projects, we ensure that scarce public space does not have to be utilsed and that precious raw materials can remain in the ground for a while longer.

Apart from that, Entrakt wants to make maximum use of recycled materials in its projects and we look for solutions that in turn can be reused. For example, in addition to materials, also certain installations can move to a new project.

Energy efficiency

A classic problem with temporary use is the energy bill and the consumption of the utilities. The height of this is sometimes a stumbling block for the users. Entrakt is always looking for new solutions to keep the energy consumption of residents under control. The collaboration with Dzero Studio Architects for the project Be Module Inside is a good example of this: due to a box-in-a-box construction, a much smaller space has to be heated and it can be additionally insulated. The age of a building can also play a role for other utilities. For example, we are currently testing sensors that detect water leaks.

Other plans are still in a research phase: for example, we are currently investigating whether an investment in solar panels is possible for a temporary project with a duration of five years. The first indications are already positive. We are looking forward to testing this out in one of the following projects.

Our commitment in the circular economy

From our activities, we are happy to support the pioneers who already delve into building-as-a-service (rental of recoverable modular walls instead of purchased disposable products). We are also a big advocate of urban mining, where we can use products (windows, doors, heating systems...) that are already in the city and are recovered from demolition or renovation projects. We refer again to the project Be Module Inside, the collaboration project with Dzero Studio Architects that started in 2018, to build box-in-a-box offices with recuperated material in a modular, reusable way.

Together with partners Dzero Studio and Habitat & Humanisme, Entrakt started in 2019 the project Circle Park. Circle Park is a project of 18.000m² on a site in Anderlecht belonging to the Brussels Regional Housing Company. Here Entrakt will shape an innovative and experimental ecosystem that combines the circular economy with sports fields and events. Actors from very diverse sectors of the circular economy will meet here. This project was selected for the Impact+ grant of 2019 and is currently being started (summer 2020).

Entrakt is a member of Circlemade Brussels and Circular Flanders.

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