fbpx Frequently asked questions | Entrakt

In what regions are you active?

We are active throughout Belgium, from the coast to Luxembourg.


Which buildings are eligible?

Each type of property is eligible for temporary management. From terraced house to castle, school buildings, hospitals, industrial and office buildings.


What should be present?

The details depend on the facilities present, the term and the location. Electricity and water are in any case a requirement, together with a wind- and watertight lockable building.


Is there a minimum period?

Our minimum period is 6 months, except for pop-up shops. These six months are the time it takes to offer you an economical management with a qualitative interpretation.


What does vacancy management cost?

Entrakt always tries to work for the client for free. Our proposals are drawn up based on the location, term and condition of the property.


How does it work legally?

As the owner, you sign a service agreement with Entrakt that allows us to manage and utilize your property. Entrakt then concludes temporary contracts directly with the users.


As an owner, do I still have access to my property?

Both the owner and any interested third party always have access to the property. Visits with prospective tenants or buyers can also continue without any problems, as good agreements are made.