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Studio Citygate

The city renews itself

The temporary project of Studio Citygate is located on the border between the Anderlecht districts of Cureghem and Biestebroeck. Over the past years, heavy economic activities have moved away and have left behind big but empty buildings and warehouses. The Citygate urban renewal project aims to revitalize these neighborhoods and their surroundings and wants to ensure the restoration of a sustainable biodiversity. The Studio Citygate building is a good example of this: the old textile factory with no less than 22.000m² inside surface area and 3.000 m² outside terrain, was purchased in 2015 by Citydev with the intention to build a large-scale mixed project with not only houses, but also room for a local high school and workspaces.

But takes its time

This part of the urban renewal project will only start in a couple of years. Pending this, Citydev turns to Entrakt to give the factory buildings a temporary function. Although the property was left in very poor condition after a decade of vacancy, vandalism, and copper theft, Entrakt succeeded in creating one of the biggest temporary occupancy projects in Belgium.

The temporary project Studio Citygate

Within the social and cultural project of Studio Citygate there is room for a climbing hall, skate park (indoor and outdoor), bar, event hall, brewery, chocolatier, various wood, metal, craft, art and music workspaces, dance hall, exhibition space, neighbourhood garden and offices. The indoor and outdoor locations are also regularly occupied by events, fairs, and festivals.

The eyecatchers of Studio Citygate are without a doubt the skate park Byrrrh and Skate, the climbing hall Petite Île and the music centre Volta. But the 22.000 m² of Studio Citygate also provide a home to 140 artisans, artists, entrepreneurs, and shop owners. We introduce them to you below:

Offices: Namun Group (collective artist agency), Bottom Up Assembly (platform for contemporary art), Hackerspace Brussels (collective for constructive and creative hacking), Artist Commons (artist management), Werkplaats Immaterieel Erfgoed

Artists’ studios: Anaïs Pessoz & Lionel Pennings, Marlies De Clerck, Jean-Marc Wullschleger, Alex Deforce, Pierre Van Nyverseel, Macocoi (7 textile designers), Kalam, Endemic Project, Ghitz

Crafts: Custom Cut (digital milling and cutting), Mike & Becky (artisan chocolate makers), Jordan Hamon (jewellery designer), Tembo (blacksmith), Écharde (joinery), 3 Studio (book binder and designer), La Gadoue (ceramic workshop), Bicyclette (brewer)

Entrepreneurs: Citygate Cycle (bicycle trade and workshop), Be-Module Inside (box-in-a-box office modules), Ginger G. (non-alcoholic aperitif), Antidote (bar), Drink Drink (brewery)

Culture: Volta (music centre & rehearsal studios), Antitapas (cultural events)

Sports & leisure: Petite Île (climbing hall), Byrrrh and Skate (skate park), Wonderlecht (participatory urban agriculture)


Offices: Namun Group (collective artist agency), Bottom Up Assembly (platform for contemporary art), Hackerspace Brussels (collective for constructive and creative hacking)

Artist studios: Anaïs Pessoz & Lionel Pennings, Marlies De Clerck, Jean-Marc Wullschleger, Alex Deforce, Pierre Van Nyverseel, Alberto Sebastiani, Arteos, Elena Vloebergen, Hyper Cube Studio, Joséphine Hazard, Maelle Dufour, Macocoï (7 textile designers), Kalam, Endemic Project, Ghitz

Crafts: Jordan Hamon (jewelry designer), Tembo (blacksmith), Écharde (joinery), 3 Studio (book binder and designer), La Gadoue (ceramic workshop), Brasserie La Jungle (brewery), Aria Ann Design (interior, decoration, furniture), Atelier Pirate (steel workshop)

Entrepreneurs: Citygate Cycle (bicycle trade and workshops), Be-Module Inside (box-in-a-box office modules), Ginger G. (non-alcoholic aperitif), Antidote (bar)

Culture: VOLTA (music center& rehearsal studios), Antitapas (cultural events), Academie Beeldende Kunst Anderlecht (visual arts courses), Wetsi Art Gallery (art gallery)

Sports & leisure: Petite Île (climbing hall), Byrrrh and Skate (skate park), Wonderlecht (participatoru urban agriculture)


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