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Studio Citygate

A temporary project in an industrial setting

The temporary project Studio Citygate is housed in an old textile factory with no less than 22.000m² of interior space and 3.000m² of terrain. As part of a large-scale urban renewal project, this building will eventually be transformed into a mixed-use project. In the meantime, Entrakt has managed to realise one of the largest temporary activations in Belgium. 

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A creative hotspot...

Within the social and cultural project of Studio Citygate there is a place for a climbing gym, skate park (in- and outdoor), bar, event hall, brewer, several wood-, metal-, craft-, art- and music workshops, dance hall, exhibition space and offices. 

The major crowd-pullers of Studio Citygate are without a doubt the bar Antidote, the skate park Byrrrh and Skate, the climbing hall Petite Île and the music centre Volta. But the 22.000m² of Studio Citygate are also home to 140 artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. 

...with space for events, presentations and meetings

The indoor and outdoor locations of Studio Citygate are available for organising events, fairs and festivals. There is an exhibition space of 300m² where exhibitions take place on a regular basis.

Furthermore, there is also an open multifunctionale space of 1320m² that can be hired for all types of events: from fairs to shows and from parties to exhibitions.

Also for staff activities, team building & workshops

Various initiatives in Studio Citygate can fit in with a staff outing, teambuilding or workshop. 
On the website www.studiocitygate.com/workshops you will find a list of possible workshops. These can also be combined with the sports activities at Studio Citygate (indoor climbing & skate park) and with the activities at the adjacent Circle Park. In the alternative canteen Antidote you can also enjoy a drink and a tasty snack in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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Things to keep in mind
  • The spaces are rented as empty event spaces. The tenant is responsible for the decoration, furniture, audiovisual equipment, etc.
  • The space is strictly no smoking, if you want to use a smoke machine, you have to ask for it.
  • Cleaning and security is to be provided by the renter.
  • Required documents: liability insurance + copy of identity card.
  • The room can be rented every day of the week in function of the availability.
  • For events after 5 p.m., permission from the municipality is required: Entete Heliport (anderlecht.be)
  • Surface area: 1320 m²
  • Ceiling height: 3,70m
  • Standing capacity (dance party): 1250 pers.
  • Seating capacity (dinner, conference): 300 pers.
  • Electrical capacity: ± 45A
  • Night life 
  • Conference 
  • Dinners
  • Exhibitions
  • ...
  • Surface area: 300 m²
  • Ceiling height: 3,50m
  • Standing capacity (exhibition): 250 pers.
  • Seating capacity (conference): 65 pers.
  • Electrical capacity: ± 15A
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • ...

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