Circle Park: the alternative, circular incubator

Circle Park is a temporary project in open air, that is being set up on an abandoned industrial terrain of 15.000 m² with circular economy as a main theme. It is an innovative and experimental ecosystem that has as objective to accommodate different actors in the circular economy. With this project, we want to bring together a significant community, in which each actor brings life and contributes to the entirety of the project.

Circle Park forms an alternative incubator welcoming economic and cultural activities, sports fields, event and tiny houses. The entirety can be disassembled and moved to another location, making it possible for the project to be continued on another location, allowing us to lift the ‘re-use’ in this project to a higher level.

The spaces

To accommodate the different projects, different types of containers are provided. But other uses of the site are also possible, both built-on and undeveloped. This way, future users can also design their own creations.

Container with shelter

Starting date and new projects

Due to the sanitary crisis in 2020, we unfortunately had to limit ourselves to the preparatory work: containers were put in place, a high-voltage cabin was installed, a grandstand was mounted, and the installed containers got connected to electricity and water. The first users are now known and the starting date in the spring of 2021 is becoming increasingly clear.

Installation containers

Do you have a project within the circular economy that would belong here? Then, not to worry: it is certainly not too late! Circle Park still accepts applications for projects that can develop the following activities with a circular approach:

  • Production workshops (local production, upcycling…)
  • Offices
  • A summer bar / guingette
  • 3 to 6 tiny houses
  • Events
  • Sports activities
Render visual 2

Don’t you see your activity listed above? No worries! Circle Park is always interested to hear about your project (urban gardening, brewery, urban camping, artistic project…).

Do you have a project within the circular economy that would belong here? Let us know!
Containers and grandstand

Partners and awards

Dzerostudio adds expertise in the circular economy and as an architect-urbanist for the management and construction of the project and the incoming and outgoing flow of materials.

Circle Park is part of Be Circular, the Brussels network for the transition towards a circular economy.

Be Circular Award 2019

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