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Place-to-be for creative entrepreneurship

Walstroom is located on the Tragel-Zuid site in Aalst, on the banks of the Dender and within walking distance of the station and the city centre. In anticipation of the construction of a new city district, 7 warehouses will be temporarily used as a makers' district. This project, named 'Walstroom', offers starting local entrepreneurs and creative people a place to start up and experiment in an inspiring and flexible environment.

Also for workshops and events

At Walstroom, you will find more than just workspaces, there is also a multipurpose exhibition space and a cosy canteen with a spacious and sunny terrace. These spaces are perfect for organising creative and stimulating events such as workshops on entrepreneurship, information sessions and sports initiatives, but also for movie projections, (street) theatre performances, etc.

Do you have an idea for a workshop or event at Walstroom? We certainly have the space for it! Let us know via the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you soon! 


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