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On the one hand, there are numerous initiatives that can flourish if they have the space to do so. A low entry threshold helps to move from idea to realization. In addition, numerous spaces come back to life due to lively use. These spaces are usually not available through traditional channels. A temporary use makes it possible to render these spaces accessible.

A building that is alive gives a lot back, both to the owner, to the user and to the neighborhood. In this way, added value is created and 1 + 1 is sometimes 3!


Starting from this vision, Entrakt was founded in 2009 with the aim of linking temporary projects to available spaces in vacant buildings. In other words, we fill in what is empty and use what remains unused. Making this process as smooth as possible for the owner, the user and the neighborhood is a craft. In the meantime, Entrakt has acquired a wealth of experience in the area of ​​temporary use and activation of vacant buildings through more than 100 projects.

With its 10 years of experience, Entrakt is an excellent partner to ensure a smooth progress of your projects, being large as well as small. Entrakt takes on the administrative and technical tasks to make sure all parties concerned can focus on their respective core tasks.

However, Entrakt's ambition reaches further. Wherever possible, we think along to allow buildings and sites to play a social, cultural and economic role within their specific context. Activating buildings and grounds, opening them up to the neighborhood and wider surroundings, testing initiatives with a long-term use in mind... We are happy to accept the challenge!

For whom?

Our locations are often a stepping stone for starting organizations and companies, but the setting that is created is also attractive for existing organizations that want to establish themselves in an inspiring environment. Where possible, we strive for a mix of regular users and occasional visitors who get to know the projects through workshops, meetings and events.



Who we are

Entrakt currently consists of:

Dries Vannestedries.vanneste@entrakt.be 

Jens De Crop jens@entrakt.be

Marta Villaverde marta@entrakt.be

Peter Hannosset communication@entrakt.be 

Peter Pernet peter@entrakt.be

Philippe Declercq philippe@thefaculty.be 

Samuel Gigot samuel@entrakt.be

Winke Dejaegher winke@entrakt.be 


Job opportunities

We are currently looking for:

Our services 

Are you looking for a home to live in or a property for your office, shop or studio? Or do you have a specific question? We are here to help you!

Also as a property owner, you can count on our services! Do you opt for mere facility management, habitation or a temporary added value project? Or would you prefer a tailor-made service?

We are happy to advise you on your vacant property and will work with you to find a suitable solution.

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